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The Darting Analyst website was designed and founded by darts statistician, analyst and writer Carl Fletcher.
Carl's built up an extensive database of darting statistics, recording every dart thrown (where possible) thus allowing for an in depth analysis to be made. The number of variables now being collated by Carl allows for almost anything to be scrutinised.
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An avid darts fan from a young age. Whilst most young lads aspired to be a professional footballer, my aspiration was to be a professional darter. I represented the West Midlands County Youth Team but unfortunately my playing days were scuppered by the time I was 17 due to dartitis. My passion for the sport never dwindled however and I now write about the sport I love, with a particular focus on statistical analysis. My collaborations include being the statistician for The Maximum Monthly Darts Magazine and now the Darts Planet TV Monthly Magazine, working with Professional Sports Journalist Tom Beresford and appearing on The Sky Sports Darts Podcast World Championship Review Show following the production of my widely acclaimed World Championship Stats Guide.

Founder, Writer & Statistical Analyst

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